Russian Translation in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second largest city in Great Britain located in a central part of England. The 18th century witnessed the production of the first steam trains there. Since then, Birmingham has become the center of machine engineering and metallurgical industries. The city features with combination of modern architecture and surrounding it industrial as well as residential quarters.

After World War II, the city was greatly destroyed. 1990, however, witnessed the start of reconstruction works, which rebuilt old and ruinous buildings with new ones. According to the pace of life, Birmingham is said to be a pulsing artery, with glamorous shops, noisy pubs, and fashionable clubs supporting its performance efficiency and attracting more and more tourists.

The city has a lot of sights. Among them, the most popular are central channel system, Gothic church, townhouse in the style of classicism, museums, galleries, and lapidary quarter. Birmingham is also one of the main centers of technical education. Considering everything previously mentioned, one can say that this city is rather popular among tourists from the whole world.

A great intake of Russian tourists has resulted in the fact, that they have brought parts of their own culture and native language into Birmingham. There are a lot of luxurious hotels here, the staff of which is obliged to know particular foreign languages, with Russian being one of them. This purpose can be achieved by such employees with the help of remote tutors. They are experienced specialists, more often native speakers, who give lessons by Skype. It means that they can teach anyone from any world country. The quality of knowledge, however, is rather high, and prices are competitive.

At the same time, Birmingham has a lot of translation firms employing highly educated specialists. English-Russian is one of the most wide-spread language pairs in these firms because there are a lot of Russian businessmen who set up their firms in this city. It results in the fact that they must cooperate with foreign-speaking partners, which can be possible only with the help of translation services. Taking into account the fact that a greater part of clients are the businessmen, the most popular subjects of translation are legal, financial, industrial and economic materials.

Megan Wood, USA

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Andrew Smith, England

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