Russian People in London

London is the capital of Great Britain. It is the most densely-populated city in this country. London is situated on the River Thames, which has made it the center of trade and policy. The city has a long and saturated history originating from the Roman Empire. Besides, London is the world cultural, economic and financial center. It is the most attended city in the world; it hosts 43 universities, which results in the biggest concentration of higher educational establishments in Europe. London is the city where people can visit the official Royal residence in Buckingham Palace and the House of the British Parliament.

London has moderate marine climate. Though it has a reputation of a rainy city, annually it obtains less precipitation than, for example, Rome. Summers there are warm and even hot, while winters are cold and wet. London is also famous for its highly developed transport system consisting of integrated buses, river systems, and well-known Tube.

London is highly appreciated by Russian tourists and emigrants. According to official statistics, 39 million of people who were born in Russia currently live in London. These people have created a real piece of their motherland there. There are four newspapers published in London, pupils with Russian origin may attend Russian-speaking schools, there are even several orthodox churches there. Moreover, everyone can find Russian-speaking lawyers or doctors in London. As a result, such people must retain a decent level of the Russian language within their community. It can be achieved by attending the previously mentioned schools. Naturally, these schools are suitable only for children. As for older people, they may either attend special courses or hire professional tutors who give their lessons per particular software. These services are very convenient because they allow students from any place of the world obtaining perfect knowledge of Russian from a native speaker. More often, such lessons are organized by Skype, which means that a student must install it onto his PC.

Also, London features with a rather extended network of translation firms, which provide the perfect services in this sphere. These firms employ only highly experienced specialists who are ready to perform the translation of any materials from English into Russian. However, legislation, economy and financial industry are the most popular subjects for translation in London.

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