Russian Qualified Translators in Large Kemerovo City

Kemerovo is a large Russian city in Western Siberia, in the north of Kuzbass, the administrative center of the Kemerovo Region, located in the middle reaches of the Tom River, on both banks. The climate is continental with a long frosty winter and a short warm and humid summer.

In Kemerovo there are many museums and monuments dedicated to the Kuzbass and coal mining. For example, the museum-reserve «Krasnaya Gorka», created in 1991 in a former coal mine. The purpose of the museum was to show how coal mining was developing, how coal was mined in the old days.

In 2007 a children’s railway was built in Kemerovo. It is equipped with the latest technology and has a length of 3.8 km. This is not only an attraction, but also an educational institution designed to help in the professional orientation of schoolchildren.

The Museum of Railway Engineering and the monument of Steam Engine L-3238 are also dedicated to the railway theme in Kemerovo.

Kemerovo Regional Picture Gallery was recently renamed the Regional Museum of Fine Arts and has a large collection of canvases of Siberian painters, as well as works of Russian sculptors and graphic artists.

Translation services

The most developed industries in Kemerovo, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• transport and logistics center — transport insurance, international transportation — Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists;
• mining industry — various aspects, from mineral exploration and development of deposits to underground mining of mining facilities and methods of processing minerals;
• engineering — guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• iron and steel industry — project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals;
• electric power industry — documentation for construction and operation of gas-turbine electric power stations, documentation on electrical equipment/controlling and measuring apparatus and automatics;
• educational center — documents necessary for admission to the universities in Kemerovo.

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