Russian-Speaking Community in Manchester

Manchester has turned into one of the largest British cities and the world textile capital for the last one hundred years. It is not only considered as the second largest city in the United Kingdom, but also as a center of Northern England. Though Manchester is the city with a rather rich history, industry is the main source of its development. Downtown Manchester was always full of factories, industrial premises, and numerous railway bridges. The city is also noted among football fans because there are two famous football clubs in this city.

The modern situation, however, is a bit different. Different economic reasons have resulted in the fact that a great number of these premises has been locked. Nevertheless, it does not mean that these spaces are empty now. There are a lot of fashion pubs, night clubs, and designer shops situated on the place of former factories.

Since Manchester is also famous for its educational establishments, there are many students there, which results in a high popularity of the night clubs. It is an active night life that has given the city its second name – Madchester. The city is very convenient not only for its citizens, but also for tourists because of a rather developed transport network and various sights.

There are a lot of Russian people living in this English city. The most active immigrants have created special websites for such people to communicate and help each other. There is even the Russian-speaking students’ community that organizes different meetings for these immigrants. This community includes not only students, but older people, too. It is natural that these people should learn their native language for them not to forget the native culture. Maybe, the only adequate way for this is to hire professional remote tutors. The offers of such specialists can be easily found in the Internet. They propose perfect knowledge of the Russian language and are ready to give their lessons by Skype, which is very convenient for Russian learning students.

At the same time, the translation industry is also developed in the city. It employs only highly educated specialists who specialize in different subjects. Any client can be sure that his or her materials will be rendered from English into Russian at the highest quality level. Considering everything mentioned above, the most popular translation subject is industry while other widespread materials include financial and cultural documents.

Megan Wood, USA

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Andrew Smith, England

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