Russian Tourism in Palermo

The city of Palermo — the capital of Sicily, is located at the foot of Mount Pelegrino, on the east coast of the island. It’s an open-air museum; many of the oldest civilizations — Greeks, Arabs, Romans, Normans — left their treasures here.

In Palermo there are 295 churches and chapels, including 70 former monasteries. Cathedral of St. Rosalii was built in the Gothic style by the Norman King Wilhelm II (1169-85), but after numerous reconstructions, it acquired the look of a Spanish cathedral.

The main street of Palermo (7 km), which several times changed its name, in that part of the city where the most privileged quarter is located, is called Liberty Street. The main attractions of the city are concentrated on the central street of Vittorio Emanuele, which crosses almost the entire city.

The center of Palermo suffered very badly during the Second World War — the «allies» landed in Sicily in July 1943. And after the war, instead of reorganizing the historical center, it was actually abandoned. And since it was necessary to build a large number of new housing, it was done on the outskirts of the city.

As a result, trade was displaced there; land and housing became more expensive. And the historical center was abandoned. But a little later it began to be restored, and they do it until now, because the historical center of Palermo is very large — the second largest after Genoa. In the center of the city, mostly emigrants from countries of Asia and Africa live, who go out in the evenings in their national clothes.

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