Russian Translators for Industries in Kirov

Kirov — the administrative center of the Kirov region, a city in the middle reaches of the Vyatka River. Until 1780 it was named the city of Hlynov; from 1780 to 1934 – Vyatka; after 1934 – Kirov.

In the Soviet times, the city retained its cultural significance; here factories and plants were also built. In 1934, the city was renamed and named Kirov.

Many tourists go to Kirov specifically to buy famous Dymkovo toys. There is also the Museum of the Dymkovo Toy, numbering more than 700 exhibits. Here you can learn the history of craft development and see rare examples of Dymkovo toys.

In Kirov there is one of the best planetarium in the country, equipped with the optics of the famous firm Carl Zeiss. Lectures are held for adults and children over 5 years.

The Savior-Transfiguration Novodevichy Convent was founded by the order of Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich and his famous confessor Patriarch Filaret. Built in the beginning of the XVII century, the monastic complex is one of the oldest architectural structures of the city.

The most developed industries in Kirov, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• petrochemical — translation of instructions and manuals for operation of geological, prospecting and petrochemical equipment;
• metallurgical — translations of project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals;
• plant growing (cereals, potatoes, vegetables), meat and dairy livestock, poultry -translations of researches, projects, scientific articles in these industries, translations of small and large cattle, documentation translations for agricultural technology;
• electrical engineering — translation of guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• power engineering — translation of documentation for construction and operation of gas-turbine electric power stations, documentation on electrical equipment/controlling and measuring apparatus and automatics;
• financial — translation of bank documentation and nonbank documentation relating to insurance, stock exchange, investments, securities etc.;
• trade — translation of contracts and partnership agreements, accompanying documents to goods -invoices, orders etc.

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