Sheffield – a City with a Large Amount of Attractions

One of the largest cities in England has the glory of a steel city, since a long time Sheffield was famous for its knives. Buy Sheffield knife should every tourist who came to the city. In addition to metallurgy Sheffield is famous for its greenery; there are more than 250 parks, gardens and just woodlands. And for football fans, it was in this city that the oldest football club in the world was founded.

Sheffield is located in South Yorkshire. Located on the banks of the river Shif, from which it received its name. The city has a population of more than 560 thousand people. Sheffield is quite an ancient city, Sheffield Castle, built to protect the local population, was first mentioned in the IX century.

The main attractions of the city are the Cathedral of the XIII century, although the first church on this site stood already in the XII century. In the 15th century an altar appeared in the cathedral. Another ancient attraction is the half-timbered Bishops House built in 1500 and Old Queens Head built in the 15th century. Be sure to take a walk in the city parks — the most popular Winter Garden, a garden in Hilborough and the square at Pits Gardens, the Botanical Garden, Endcliffe Park and Porter Brook. If time allows you to go to the south of the city, here is located the ruined 12th-century Bochif Abbey.

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