Singapore for Russians

Singapore is a city-state that is located on Singapore in Southeast Asia. It borders Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite its small size, Singapore plays one of the leading economic roles in the Asian region. The state can impress with one of the highest Gross Domestic Product in the world.

The state has developed electronic and shipbuilding industries as well as financial sector. Singapore Monetary Exchange ranks four in the world. Secondary industries, such as textile, food and chemical ones, are also in a good state. Singapore is the leading exporter of Asian rubber. Singapore also hosts the largest sea port and the main airport hub of Southeast Asia. In addition, taxation in the state is rather beneficial for citizens.

The official languages in Singapore are English, Malay, Putonghua, and Tamil. The state government has been actively using the English language since the moment when the state became independent. In order to unite all the dialects of Chinese, there was organized the large-scale campaign named “Speak Putonghua”. Many announcements and newspapers are published only in English and Chinese. Introduced through schools, English also obtained a street form – so-called Singlish. Nevertheless, Singapore literature and official institutions use Standard English.

The Russian expatriate community in Singapore is rather numerous. Historically, Asian languages are difficult to learn for Europeans. It results in the fact that they excessively use English. Of course, not every Russian immigrant can speak English fluently. That is why the translation services from English into Russian are rather popular in Singapore. Most of all, qualified and experienced experts deal with legal and financial documents as well as private correspondence.

Such a great number of Russian people in Singapore can be easily explained by relations between the two states. Trade and economy are the main force of bilateral cooperation. The same tendency is observed in investments as well as in science and technical relations. Governments of Russia and Singapore have signed a common agreement to eliminate mutual taxation between the states. Moreover, 2011 witnessed the sixth annual Russian-Singapore business forum. Taking into account such developing relations, people in Singapore should learn the Russian language. Naturally, it is impossible without assistance of specialists. That is why prospective students often hire online tutors. These language experts will give Russian lessons by Skype for any client at a quite reasonable price.

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