Sweden with Diverse Landscapes

Sweden is a state in North Europe occupying a larger part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The country borders Norway and Finland as well as is washed by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. At present, Sweden is one of the highly-developed industrial countries and one of the best world countries in accordance with living standards.

Sweden is a country of diverse landscapes. In the North, one can find snowy hummocks with arctic winters and polar lights. The West hosts low mountains, while the South witnesses rich agricultural fields. The Eastern coast is a land of island and picturesque rocks. The two-thirds of the total territory are covered with forests hiding about 100 000 lakes.

Swedish is spoken by absolute majority of the local population. However, the Swedish government rules native language support programs. As a result, people of different origin have the right to learn their native language in Sweden. That is why numerous Swedish citizens learn Russian. They can do it attending special courses organized by the government if there are five or more prospective learners. Also, there is a possibility to attend a Russian-speaking school, which, in its turn, is suitable only for children. Older people can also learn the Russian language with the help of online-tutors. These specialists can be hired via the Internet, and their services are excellent to learn Russian within the shortest possible period of time.

First of all, these tutors are hired by Russian emigrants living in Sweden. They either learn it for personal purposes, or make their children born already in Sweden learn the native language of their ancestors. Secondly, Russian is learnt by those Swedish citizens intending to move into Russia. They learn the language in order to easily come to terms with the target culture. Finally, modern technologies allow people communicating with each other being in different cities and even in different countries. As a result, the Swedish citizens learn this language to communicate with Russian friends or relatives.

At the same time, Sweden has a great number of translation firms that deal with translation of different materials from English into Russian. This fact can be explained by close business and economic relations between Sweden and the Russian Federation. As a result, English-Russian translators are to render different agreements, contracts, and other economic materials arisen from this cooperation. Then, the Russian emigrants hire these translators to render their personal documents, which is necessary for their legal stay in the country. Finally, the translators are employed within diplomatic relations between the countries, which implies their presence at different intergovernmental conferences and summits.

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