Thailand — the State of Elephant

Thailand is situated in South-East Asia on the Southeast Asian Peninsula. It is washed by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. Its territory resembles a head of elephant, and the Thais often call their native country as the State of Elephant. It is interesting that a white elephant is the royal symbol of the nation. Thailand is one of those countries where tourists can rest throughout the year.

Among Russian tourists, Thailand is becoming extremely popular. It can be seen not only from a great number of the tourists intending to visit this amazing country, but also from the fact that one can hear Russian words on the local streets, see Russian signboards in shops, hotels, and restaurants, as well as convert Russian rubles into local bahts. In addition, Thailand is the most fashionable and the most popular resort city for celebrities both from Russia and the rest of the world.

This situation means that the local citizens are forced to learn Russian in order to serve clients from Russian-speaking countries. In fact, there are numerous possibilities to learn the Russian language in Thailand. For example, people can attend special language courses that can be even free. However, these courses are suitable not for everyone. The modern life implies a lot of tasks and few spare hours in a day. Thus, some people can not physically attend these courses to learn Russian. Fortunately for them, Russian remote tutors allow learning Russian at any convenient time. The fact is that they distribute their services via such software as Skype and others, which means that the people are able to learn Russian just in front of their computers.

At the same time, the tourists are not the only necessity to learn Russian in this country. Representatives of the Thai youth learn Russian in order to continue their education in a Russian educational establishment. Finally, local companies and enterprises maintain close contacts with Russian partners. That is why these companies make their employees learn Russian before they are sent for a business into a Russian city.

As for the cooperation with the Russian Federation, it has resulted in emergence of English-Russian translation services that are represented by highly educated and experienced specialists. Their services, first of all, are hired by representatives of the local firms that try to conduct legal contracts and different agreements with Russian partners, which can be possible only with the help of the qualitative translation services. Also, the translators deal with personal documents of those foreign people who want to settle in Thailand forever. Finally, diplomatic relations between the given countries are impossible without the translation services. The main advantages of the English-Russian translation services in Thailand are competitive prices and the perfect quality of target materials.

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