The Best English Resort Cities

Obviously, Brighton and Hove are the most popular tourist sites in whole Great Britain, which is easily explained by their advantageous position. It is located in Southern England, namely in Sussex County. It is the most favorite place of tourists not only from London, but also from foreign countries. The local beaches are full of such visitors.

One can not say that Brighton and Hove feature with a developed tourist industry only; offices of the largest international companies employing thousands of people are situated there. The international airport is another big employer. Also, the cities host international conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs the year round. Considering the fact that there are a lot of different IT-companies in these cities, they have been called Silicon Beach. According to 2013 UK Vitality Index, Brighton is the third most economically developed city in the United Kingdom.

These cities are full of historical and cultural sights. The most prominent tourist attractions include Royal Pavilion situated in the center of Brighton and symbolic Palace Pier. 2000 witnessed that the latest one was informally renamed into Brighton Pier. Another important sight is seafront promenade that allows people walking along the amazing beaches. The Lanes are full of restaurants, bars, jewelries, and souvenir shops, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Taking it into account, Russian tourists greatly appreciate these cities. There are particular hotels and even districts designed specially for such visitors. Moreover, the number of Russian immigrants in Brighton and Hove is also rather high. It determines the fact that there are a lot of people in Brighton and Hove who learn the Russian language. Some of them can attend special language courses, while others can hire a professional remote tutor. Services of such tutors are very convenient because they allow people from any city learning Russian just in front of their computers. These lessons are given by Skype and feature with rather competitive prices, which is highly appreciated by prospective language learners from all over the world.

Moreover, there is a developed translation network in these cities, which is explained by close economic and business relations of them with the rest of England and Europe in general. Translation firms specializing in rendering such materials employ only highly educated experts who are good in translation from English into Russian.

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