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Wirral is a town and a metropolitan borough in ceremonial Merseyside County of England. Its administrative center is the city of Wallasey. This region is situated in a south-western part of Merseyside County at Wirral Peninsula located in the Irish Sea. Southwards, the town has common borders with Cheshire County.

Concerning its geographical location, the climate of Wirral is highly influenced by the sea. As a result, the town features with mild climate that leads to cool summers and warm waters. As for precipitations, their amount does not greatly differ from that of the rest of the United Kingdom.

Though Wirral is not very popular among internal and foreign tourists, it does not mean that the town does not have a developed infrastructure with numerous hotels, traditional pubs, restaurants, and historical sights. Moreover, Wirral is suitable for those visitors preferring rural kinds of entertainment. Taking into account this situation, one may not say that the tourist sphere brings high incomes; neither has the town a prosperous industry. So, the town ekes out a living from fishing and tertiary industries.

As a result, Wirral does not have close business or cultural relations with any world country or city. However, the population is offered a possibility to learn the Russian language for different purposes. Nonetheless, it does not mean that there are particular language courses or Russian tutors living in the town. But, thanks to modern computer technologies, people from any world country may learn Russian if they have an Internet access; and Wirral citizens are not an exception. Every prospective Russian language learner may find a corresponding offer from an educated specialist who is ready to give Russian lessons by Skype or any other software. It should be noted separately that such learners must avoid swindlers who abound in the Internet.

It is not surprising that the town does not have a great number of translation firms. However, they do offer qualitative services in translation of different materials from English into Russian. Individuals are main clients, with private correspondence being the most popular translation orders.

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