The Capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Astana

Expansion of international relations between two states in the scientific and technical fields, in the sphere of trade, finance, culture makes the services of translation companies extremely demanded. This issue is very relevant for the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Astana, on the territory of which many foreign companies operate, developing joint industrial, architectural and artistic projects. Astana has become the new capital relatively recently, but very quickly turned into a modern metropolis with a magnificent architecture that amazes the guests of the capital. A large influx of tourists, including tourists from the US, Canada and the UK requires a significant number of guides who speak English for excursions.

The services rendered by a translation bureau have various forms depending on the demand of the customers. The written translation from English or translation from Russian to English, covers various aspects of life and activities of Astana residents and includes the following sections:

• technical literature, patents, documentation and contracts of companies in contact with their partners;
• legal documents;
• information related to pharmacology, medicine with various technologies of the extractive and processing industry;
• investment projects and promotional products;
• the literary translation of literature;
• the need to translate business, personal correspondence to English or from it.

Due to the variety of orders of Russian-English translation, translators specialize in one direction, since qualitative translation of, for example, technical English text, as other areas, requires a certain level of knowledge in this field.

Interpretation is represented by two types — consecutive and simultaneous. Consecutive interpretation is carried out during business negotiations of employees of foreign companies with their partners, at press conferences, with informal communication.

A much more complicated category is simultaneous translation, which is carried out in the continuous following of a speaker’s speech. This form of translation is used mainly at conferences and high-level meetings. Considering that Astana has become the major scientific, technical, commercial and cultural center, where large-scale conferences and festivals are organized, where delegates from other countries are widely represented, it becomes obvious that this city needs these services.

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