The City on Tampa Bay

Tampa is situated in the West of Florida Peninsula. The city lies on the beach of Tampa Bay – a large natural bay that stretches the length of 55 kilometers into the peninsula. The climate in Tampa is subtropical. Summers are hot and wet with storms and a lot of precipitations. Winter months are dry and very soft. Freezing weather happens far from every year.

Basic fields of the economy in Tampa are represented by trade, service industries, tourism, finances, insurance, and defense industry. Numerous corporations, large banks, and telecommunication companies have their regional business units in the city. It is interesting that Wikipedia has established its principal servers in Tampa.

University of South Florida educating about 45 000 students is the largest educational establishment in Tampa. The university has a good record and is said to be one of the most advanced universities in regard of research activities. Also, the city has Tampa International Airport and the city sea port. The latter is the biggest port in Florida. At the same time, Tampa is a popular stop of tourist cruise liners.

Obviously, the city of such kind is considered to be attractive by tourists, students, and prospective employees from different world countries. Thus, these foreign visitors may come to the city without perfect knowledge of English. That is why Tampa has a great number of translation firms that are able to translate various materials from English into Russian. These firms employ highly educated experts who are to satisfy foreigners` needs. However, the translation services are aimed not only at the foreigners, but also at domestic purposes. Tampa translators deal with financial, industrial and insurance materials. A great number of large corporations working in the city results in different agreements and contracts with foreign partners that can be concluded only with the help of the translators who have appropriate knowledge and experience in a translation of legal documents.

Also, it should be mentioned that Tampa has an extensive Russian expatriate community that has been formed from emigrants moved from ex-USSR countries. These people have found a new home, but they try not to forget their origin. That is why they learn Russian by themselves and make their children learn it. This language is also learnt by students of universities, employees of large corporations who are to maintain business contacts with Russian-speaking partners, and servicemen of particular hotels that are often chosen by Russian tourists. Of course, there are no special Russian schools in Tampa, and the language can be learnt only with the help of online tutors. These language specialists provide their services by Skype, which is rather convenient for every learner.

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