The City on the Patapsco River

Baltimore is a city situated in the East of the USA in the state of Maryland. Baltimore is situated on the Patapsco River, in the place where the river sinks into Chesapeake Bay. Climate of the city is subtropical. Summers are rather hot, while winter months are changeable with either cold or warm temperatures depending upon a year.

Being an industrial port city, Baltimore was historically inhabited by the working class. The economy was represented by steel industry, ship buildings, and transfers. Deindustrialization stages have changed the economic orientation of Baltimore to service industries and finances.

Downtown Baltimore has numerous hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, and cultural sights. A northern part of the city is represented by residential areas inhabited by rich people. Southern districts are represented by both residential and industrial zones with various types of architecture. Also, black people live mainly in eastern parts of the city, which makes these regions extremely criminal.

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