The Fifth Most Populated City in the USA

Phoenix is a capital of Arizona. Its population amounts to 1.5 million people, which makes it the fifth most populated city in the USA. Phoenix metropolitan area comprises the city itself, its suburbs, and populated localities of a central part of Arizona. This area, romantically called as the Valley of the Sun, has about 4.3 million inhabitants. Phoenix is administratively subdivided into 15 districts or urban villages that used to be independent communities.

The city history dates back to 1867. Today, Phoenix is an important transport hub in the United States of America. Also, it is an industrial and economic center of the West, the home of several military bases and war production, as well as main place of hi-tech and telecommunication fields. In fact, Intel alone has built 3 chip factories. Arizona State University occupies an essential position in the city graduating approximately 15000 students every year. Considering a beneficial geographical position of the city, Phoenix has a developed tourism and golf industries.

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