The Largest City in Oregon

Portland is situated in the North-West of the USA and is the largest city in the state of Oregon. According to statistical data, more than 600 000 people live in Portland, which makes it one of 30 largest American cities.

Lying in 100 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, Portland is accessible for sea freight traffic and is a real port city. Port terminals that are situated along the main rivers are connected with railway, road and river transport. Wheat is a main article exported, while steel and automobiles are excessively imported to foreign states. Other important spheres are represented by woodworking and heavy industries. Portland has about 1 200 companies working in a hi-tech sphere, with Intel being the largest private employer in the city.

Portland International Airport is situated close to downtown Portland. It is the largest one in the state and serves more than 13 million passengers in a year.

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