The Largest City in Texas

Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States of America and the largest city in Texas. City`s population accounts for over than 2 million people. Houston is a rather young city that was founded by the brothers Allen in 1836. The city was named after Samuel Houston who was a popular politician and the general who defeated the Mexican army in April of the same year. This success resulted in the fact that Texas became independent from Mexico, while Houston became the capital of the Republic of Texas.

Houston is a city with a developed economy, the basis of which is objectified by an energy industry that specializes in extraction of oil and gas, oil refinery factories, and petrochemical products. Hi-tech industries, medical inventions, aeronautics, and other fields occupy an important place in the economy apart from the energy industry. More than 20 large corporations work in this city. Profitable geographical location, as well as developed logistic and transport infrastructure have turned Houston into important junction point. The city port ranks among ten biggest ports throughout the world. Numerous foreign companies have accommodated their representations in this city in order to enter the large North American market.

Considering everything mentioned above, it is quite clear that the city is extremely popular among migrants from different world countries. As a consequence, there are a lot of different expatriate communities living there. Among them, Russian emigrants form a large group. In Houston, they have created their districts with parts of their native culture. They organize regular exhibitions and festivals trying to attract people of Russian origin from the whole USA. Such a cultural life leads to a situation that even local people want to become a part of the Russian culture. Naturally, the first step to do it is to learn Russian, which is rather difficult because the city does not have any specialized schools or universities. Fortunately for such prospective learners, there are online tutors who give Russian lessons by Skype. The services of these experts are very convenient, which is supported by the fact that Russian emigrants also use them to learn the native for them language.

At the same time, Houston has a great number of language firms that specialize in translation from English into Russian. Taking into account a high level of economy, the translation services are aimed at operation of this sphere. To be more exact, professional translators are hired to render technical documents of new equipment, provide assistance in concluding contracts and agreements with foreign partners, as well as deal with migrants` personal documents.

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