The Largest English Village: Sheffield

Sheffield is a town and a region in metropolitan South Yorkshire County situated in a central part of England. It is located not far from London; it takes about three hours to reach the capital from Sheffield by rail. The town lies in hilly fields while its greater part is covered with parks, forests, and public gardens. Sheffield aspires to be the greenest British town: about 2 million trees grow there. Also, the town features with different kinds of ecosystems. Considering these peculiarities, Sheffield is often called as the largest English village.

As in many other English regions, climate in Sheffield is marine with warm winters and cool summer months, which is determined by the fact that the town is surrounded by the Pennines that protect it from moisture and cold winds. At the same time, Sheffield residents witness a moderate amount of precipitation.

Tertiary industries perform a thematic role for the Sheffield economy. The largest employers include local authorities, medical establishments, information and referral centers, transport companies, retailers, catering firms, as well as two Sheffield universities. At present, about 500 000 people live in Sheffield, with the population being ethnically diverse. Immigrants of Russian origin form one of the largest minorities in the town. It leads to the fact that they create pieces of their own culture within foreign for them Sheffield. As a result, services of remote Russian tutors are much sought after there. Moreover, people of English origin also can learn Russian for different purposes. Maybe, the best way to do it is to hire a tutor who will give the lessons by Skype, which is very convenient for everyone who has an Internet access.

Such a role of the Russian language has influenced the work of translation firms in the town, which means that the English-Russian translation direction is said to be one of the most popular. And taking into account the fact that translation is a representative of the tertiary industries, these firms are rather important for the town economy and general welfare of population. All the translations are performed by specialists with a rich experience, which leads to the highest quality of target materials obtained within a short period of time.

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