The Most “Continental” English City

Coventry is a city and borough in West-Midlands County. Also, it is the second largest city located in central counties. The city is situated between London and Birmingham. Coventry is the most remote from the coastline city in the United Kingdom.

Coventry is situated on flat terrains at a height of 100 meters above sea level. Its territory is crossed by a great number of small rivers unsuitable for boat traffic. As many other English regions, Coventry has mild climate with warm winters and cool summer months. Such a climate is mainly formed by warm air masses brought from the sea. However, since the city is situated at an essential distance from the sea, more “continental” conditions prevail here, which can be observed using the example of a smaller amount of precipitations compared to that from other English regions.

Coventry has a very essential technical and industrial potential, which can be explained by famous polytechnic universities, modern automobile manufacturers, and developed building industries. Also, the city is popular from the tourist point of view since the number of sights includes the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral, Holy Trinity Church, Roman tower, Transport Museum, Aviation Museum, Herbert Art Gallery, and others.

So, the city attracts a great number of foreign visitors from the whole world. As a result, there are a lot of different expatriate communities, which leads to numerous islands of particular national cultures across the city. For example, people of Russian origin feel very well there because they have even created the Russian-speaking Rubric School, which allows children learning Russian. However, if older people want to learn this language, they can hire a professional remote tutor. These language specialists provide their clients with convenient services, because they give the lessons per Internet.

Such a developed level of Russian in Coventry has firmly inserted it into the translation industry. That is why there are a lot of translation firms specializing in translation of different materials from English into Russian. To tell the truth, target materials will be of the highest quality, despite the character of source materials.

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