The Most Cosmopolitan British City

Leicester, founded by the Romans, is one of the most ancient cities of England. It is situated in a central part of the country on the River Saar. Also, Leicester is said to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in entire Great Britain. A greater part of 300 000 people living in the city is represented by foreign settlers from Asia and various European states.

A huge tourist interest towards the city is explained by a rich history of this region, elegant architecture, as well as abundance of historical and cultural sights. Even the most conversant tourist will be surprised by ancient bridges, picturesque narrow streets, magnificent cathedrals, and various museums. Also, Leicester has several head-quarters of foreign financial and business companies. The local authorities pay much attention to health care. Also, a south-east part of the city annually witnesses the Caribbean Carnival.

Leicester maintains close business and economic relations both with the rest of the United Kingdom and with other countries. It can be observed from the fact that there are a lot of expatriate communities in the city. Moreover, it has its own sister city – Krasnoyarsk, which increases the role of the Russian language for local population. The fact is that there are several Russian-speaking schools there that enable exchange of students.

At the same time, there are also ordinary people who may want to move to Russia for different purposes. In order to simplify their stay in the foreign country, such prospective immigrants are recommended to learn the native language of the country of destination. As for Russian, this language can be easily learnt in Leicester attending special language courses, the number of which is rather high because of close relations with its sister city. However, there is another possibility to learn Russian – to hire a remote tutor. These specialists provide their services to anyone who has an Internet access and wants to obtain knowledge. The Internet abounds with offers from such tutors who are ready to give their lessons by Skype.

Particular business and cultural relations with one of Russian cities have introduced the native language of the partner into the translation industry. Consequently, Leicester has a lot of translation firms that are ready to render materials from English into Russian at the highest quality. Apart from translation services, the firms mentioned provide their clients with editorial ones in order to eliminate all possible mistakes and misprints in target materials.

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