The Most Famous English Resort

Bournemouth is a town in England, namely in Dorset Country. It is famous among English people as a beautiful resort on La Manche shores. In the west, it borders another town – Poole. Its population is over 150 000 people. Dodged behind high mountains, Bournemouth coastline has its own microclimate with the warmest sea water compared to the rest of Great Britain and with a beautiful prospect to islands White and Purbeck.

According to the increased number of students, surfers, and people with nonstandard sexual orientation, recreation in Bournemouth is synonymous with Bohemian pace of life, which is contrary to the resorts of Southern Coast that are popular only among pensioners. At the same time, the town is suitable not only for recreation, but also for learning the English language. Clean sand beaches, mild climate, and warm sea attract more and more students to learn English in this town with every passing year. A greater part of general revenues come directly from the educational sphere, with students from all over the world forming a main part of Bournemouth population. So, Bournemouth is said to be an international town where nobody can be bored. Every tourist can find everything for qualitative recreation and entertainment: from luxury restaurants, cafés and traditional English pubs to discos, night clubs, and even theaters with museums.

Everything stated above could not be ignored by tourists and emigrants of Russian origin. They have set their hearts on this town, which results in a great number of Russian tourists and a rather extensive Russian expatriate community there. It has led to the fact that employees of tertiary industries must understand and speak Russian in order to be able to satisfy needs of foreign clients. Someone can say that it is extremely difficult to learn the Russian language in the setting of the English society. However, modern technologies have greatly influenced the life, and today Russian can be learnt by everyone who has an Internet access. The fact is that such software as Skype enables Russian tutors to give their lessons to any student from any world country.

Considering this fact, translation industry could not stand apart. As a result, English-Russian translation direction is rather popular for Bournemouth and Poole translation firms. Specialists employed there are always ready to perform translation of any materials within a short period. Moreover, these target materials will feature with the highest quality.

Laura Butler, Ireland

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Andrew Smith, England

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