The Seventh Most Populated City in the USA

San Antonio is situated in a central part of the state of Texas. San Antonio is the seventh most populated city in the United States of America. As many other Southern cities of the USA, San Antonio witnesses a hot weather during summer months, while winters are cool, rather than cold. High humidity level and hot temperatures are usual things for the city.

Mixture of different cultures and traditions is a characteristic feature of San Antonio. With that, citizens representing different races and nationalities have not lost their individualities. The city sees regular holidays, carnivals, and festivals. San Antonio is generally said to be a tourist center due to numerous historic and cultural sights as well as a vast majority of entertainments. Annually, the city is attended by more than 26 million people who arrive through San Antonio International Airport.

The city is also famous for the amazing San Antonio River Walk and a museum called as Alamo Mission. It is interesting that the latter used to be a fortress. The city has a rich Hispanic culture with a great amount of Mexican population.

Apart from the Hispanic expatriate community, San Antonio has Russian one. People of Russian origin like this city because of its advantages and attractiveness. These immigrants try to preserve their roots, which is supported by the fact that there are a lot of special shops, where people can buy goods usual for post Soviet countries. Moreover, they learn Russian by themselves and make their children learn it. Of course, it is quite difficult to learn this language attending special courses in San Antonio. But, the Internet contains a great majority of online Russian tutors who may provide people from any world country with their services. The only important thing is to have an Internet access. Apart from Russian emigrants, Russian is also learnt by local businessmen who have Russian partners and people who had Russian ancestors.

Considering the fact that the city is visited by representatives of different nationalities, San Antonio must have advanced translation services to satisfy demands of tourists and immigrants. That is why there are a lot of translation firms that are able to perform the best translation from English into Russian. Most of all, these services are hired by the immigrants to translate personal documents and users of dating web-sites to find a future wife from Russia.

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