The Top Soap Producer in the World

Cincinnati is a city in the South-West of the state of Ohio. As compared to many other American cities, one shall distinguish the city of Cincinnati itself with its municipal administration, borders, and statistical data from a large city agglomeration that is nominally called Greater Cincinnati. In fact, the city is situated northwards from the Ohio River.

Cincinnati is a developed city. It is said to be the top machine tools, soap, and abstergent producer in the world. An essential role in the city economy is occupied by producers of building materials, chemical substances, clothes, cosmetics, electrical equipment, jet engines, and clappers. 10 companies from the list of 500 most powerful enterprises have their head-quarters in the city including famous Procter & Gamble. The city has two huge universities educating about 60 000 students. They are University of Cincinnati and Miami University that is situated in a northern suburb of the city.

Fountain Square is a center of Cincinnati. It is the main city square and the site of numerous concerts, festivals, and other events. It is this square that hosts annual Oktoberfest Festival – the largest one outside Germany. The center of the square, in its turn, is occupied by magnificent Tyler Davidson Fountain.

Such a beautiful city could not but attracts tourists and migrants from all over the world. As a result, there are a lot of expatriate communities in Cincinnati, with Russian one being among them. People of Russian origin try to create a part of their motherland in this city organizing different cultural events and establishing shops with Russian goods. It is clear that they learn the Russian language. Also, this language is learnt by servicemen of hotels and restaurants that are regularly visited by Russian tourists. Finally, local scientists and professors learn this language to share experience with foreign partners. Special courses and Russian schools being absent, Cincinnati citizens can learn this language only by Skype with the help of online tutors. These experts provide excellent services and they can be found in the Internet.

Those people who do not want to learn Russian by themselves can hire professional translators from English into Russian. As a matter of fact, Cincinnati has a great number of translation firms. Their main clients are Russian emigrants who need to translate documents for legal living in the foreign city, users of dating web-sites who want to find a beautiful girl in Russia, and representatives of the main economic spheres that have business partners or their subsidiaries in a Russian-speaking country. These firms allow obtaining target materials of the highest quality at a quite reasonable price.

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