Russian Language in the USA

The United States of America are the country situated in North America. The country consists of 50 states, each of which has certain forms of autonomy. The USA has land borders with Canada and Mexico as well as water boundary with Russia. The US territory is washed by the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

The US climate is rather specific (from arctic to tropical) due to outstretch of the country from the North to the South and composite relief. The United States are also famous for large rivers that form deep canyons by their corridors. The Mississippi with its tributary – Missouri – is one of the greatest river systems in the world.

The United States are a multinational country with a great number of nationalities. Moreover, some of them have preserved their traditions and native languages. Europeans form a greater part of the American society. The second stage is occupied by dark-skinned people and Asians. Taking into account the national composition of the society, one can separate such larger expatriate communities as Irish, Italian, Jewish and Russian ones. As for Russian immigrants, they have their own districts in the USA and their children may attend Russian-speaking schools.

Some immigrants want their children to know the Russian language as good as it is possible. Along with school teachers, Russian can be learnt in a different way. Taking into account the fact that modern people live in the age of advanced computer technologies, all the language lessons can be given by Skype. That is why the Internet has a lot of offers from Russian tutors who are ready to teach everyone this language. Such services are very convenient because they do not imply way out of comfort zone for both students and teachers. In other words, they perform their functions being within their normal environment.

Since the Russian language is being developed, English can not stay aside. The thing is that high levels of development lead to mutual relations between the languages. As a result, there exists a great number of different translation firms, that employ real specialists in the given sphere. These experts are ready to make a translation of any materials at a rather high quality. These services stay popular even despite the worsening relations between the USA and Russia from the political point of view.

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