Tourism in the Capital of Belgium — Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, located on the River Senna, but it’s virtually invisible in the city, as it was blocked by Belgian engineers under the leadership of Henri Mo during the urbanization in the 19th century.

Currently, Brussels is the cultural and political center of Belgium and the European Union. Here, Dutch and French are officially recognized as equal in rights, therefore the names of streets, stations and municipalities are everywhere written in two languages.

Grand Place — the central square of the city (or the old city market) — the architectural miracle of Brabant Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. On three sides the square is surrounded by the Houses of Guilds, the Town Hall and the House of the King.

The most notable place of the city is the area of the Royal Palace (now the official residence of the King of Belgium), the Parliament and the Royal Academy, surrounded by the Brussels gardens in 1780 in the style of French gardens.

In addition to the usual art and historical museums, in Brussels there are such unique museums as the Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa, the Museum of Comic Books, the Museum of Beer, the Museum of Musical Instruments. Among the art museums should be noted Royal Museum of Fine Arts with an extensive collection of works by Flemish masters.

In total there are about 2000 restaurants on the territory of Brussels, eight of them are marked with at least one star in the Michelin guide. The largest number of restaurants is located in the area of Myasniki Street.

The most developed industries in Brussels, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• service sector — translation of trainings for team work, training of personnel for sales techniques;
• food industry — translation of restaurant menus, research about the process of food production;
• banking sector — translation of bank documents, commercial and credit papers etc.;
• production of industrial equipment — translation of guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• the largest port in Belgium — translation of transport insurance, international transportation — Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists.

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