Translation Firms in Estonia

Estonia is a northernmost country among the Baltic States. It borders Lithuania in the South and Russia in the East. Estonia is a small state on shores of the Baltic Sea. The contry`s relief is low-lying with a great number of lakes and wastelands. Particular hills are found in south-east parts of the country.

Estonia is “the woodest” state in Europe. Forestry and woodworking industries form the largest part of the Estonian economy. Almost one-third of the forests is under the legal protection. These preservation regions have different types of virgin forest, which are absent in the rest of Europe. Estonia is said to be the country of thousand lakes, with the Chudskoe Ozero being the largest one among them. This lake is the fourth freshwater lake in Europe. At the same time, almost all the others are small and located in the southern part of the state.

The official language in Estonia is Estonian. Since the country used to be a republic of the USSR, practically the entire population fluently speaks Russian. There are also particular schools in the country, with Russian being the language of education. That is why the services of Russian tutors are highly popular among pupils of such schools. Along with usual tutors, client may hire online specialists, offers from whose can be easily found in the Internet. Such services are made possible due to Skype, which means that the most qualified specialists can teach Estonian pupils the Russian language even from Russia or any other world country.

At the same time, Estonia witnesses rather developed translation services. In 2000, several Estonian translation firms created the Union of Translation Firms in Estonia to unify common standards and further develop these language services. The Union accepted only those firms having qualified translators/editors, appropriate office area, correct accounting, and successful business activities. Nowadays, the Estonian Union is a part of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies.

Modern translation firms in Estonia provide their clients with a wide range of services. Their employees can translate any materials from English into Russian within a reasonable time. Moreover, the most professional companies are able to perform notarized or urgent translation, of course, at an additional price.

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