Translation of Documentation in Milan

Milan is the second largest city in Italy, the largest industrial, financial, commercial and transport hub of the country, an important cultural center, and also the legislator of European fashion. The city is famous for its museums, art galleries, theaters, monuments of architecture, educational institutions (university, conservatory, Academy of Arts, etc.).

For the whole world Milan is famous for its opera theater «La Scala», which was built in 1778 and played a huge role in development of Italian music and culture. Continuing the tradition of classic of opera music Giuseppe Verdi, who created in Milan, the city is proud of its largest opera stage in the world.

In Milan, there are many large supermarkets and boutiques of all famous fashion houses (clothes, shoes, accessories). The best shops are located on Via Montenapoleone, built in the early 18th century in neoclassical style. Nearby there are tiny alleys: Via Santo Spirito, Via Jezu, Via Sant Andrea. They also have magnificent showcases of the most prestigious stylists. We can’t fail to mention the Gallery of Vittorio Emmanuele, where under the glass cap there is the so-called salon of the city with restaurants, cafes, and, of course, fashionable shops.

Near Corso Garibaldi there is a unique street in its atmosphere, where you can have a snack in inexpensive cafes, dig in the ruins with inexpensive music and find a unique bauble for yourself or a souvenir for friends. Trading life here begins around 8 pm and subsides after midnight.

The most developed industries in Milan, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• light industry (leather, textile) — translation of booklets about textiles, catalogs of clothing stores, articles about fashion designers, presentations of new fabrics and materials used in the manufacture of clothing or clothing for the garment industry;
• pharmaceutical — translation of the documentation of the medical and laboratory equipment production, scientific articles in the field of the latest achievements of medicine;
• aircraft manufacturing — translations for airport servicing organizations, manufacturers of tools and equipment for the aircraft manufacturing industry, operating companies, exporters of weapons;
• automotive industry — technical translation of instructions for servicing cars, directories and catalogs of spare parts for cars, as well as translations of regulations for diagnostics and maintenance, certificates for technical centers and contracts for car dealers;
• insurance companies, banks — translation of insurance policies, certificates, programs, rules and contracts, bank documents, commercial and credit papers etc.

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