Translation Services in Rapidly Growing Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and major industrial and commercial center, the third most important city in Australia with a population of about 1.5 million people.

Brisbane was founded as one of the centers for the maintenance of exiled English prisoners in 1824 by the discoverer of new lands John Oxley and named after the Governor-General of New South Wales, Thomas Brisbane. For 18 years it was a closed settlement, and within a radius of 80 km it wasn’t allowed to settle in the free settlers. Brisbane was opened for free settlement in 1842, and in 1859 it became the capital of the newly created Queensland colony.

Rapidly growing Brisbane has changed radically today, but despite this, it has retained its uniqueness and it’s one of the most enjoyable cities in Australia with a characteristic leisurely rhythm of life. Brisbane is a city with a clear planning, wide streets, numerous parks and interesting modern architecture. All of this is organically combined with carefully preserved historical buildings.

To the north of Brisbane, Sunny Coast is stretched. This is a resort area, although somewhat less popular with foreign tourists than the Gold Coast. It produces the most delicious tropical fruits in Australia, nuts and sugar cane. Here there is the entertainment park Big Pineapple and the world’s largest sandy island — reserve Fraser Island.

Translation services

The most developed industries in Brisbane, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• mining — various aspects, from exploration of minerals and development of deposits to underground construction of mining facilities and methods of processing minerals;
• chemical — translation of patents, background documents of product safety, toxicology reports, exception reports and related documentation, which defines the chemical composition and characteristics of substances;
• electrical — scientific and technical translations in drive technology and power electronics, electronic components and circuit engineering;
• metallurgical — project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals;
• food industry — restaurant menus, studies on the process of food production;
• textile and leather industry — translation of products, printed materials, which conducive to advancement of products and equipment.

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