Translation Services in the Capital of the Republic of Moldova

Kishinev, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, is located in the very center of the country, stretched for a considerable distance along the banks of the Byk River — the tributary of the Dniester.

For many decades the city was the economic center of this region, and today the municipality of Kishinev is the largest and most developed economic center of the republic. It accounts for about 60% of Moldovan GDP, its enterprises produce the bulk of the country’s industrial output.

Many citizens of Moldova lead an active life, travel the world, and also work or study abroad. Therefore, they are increasingly faced with the need to translate text or documents. Moving to another state in search of work or to receive an education, many have to face the legalization of personal documents. The solution of all these issues can be simplified by contacting the specialists of the office of the translation agency. The specialists of the company will help to properly prepare documents for later use abroad.

Representatives of many international companies are located in the capital of the Republic of Moldova — Kishinev, therefore it’s often necessary to translate a wide variety of materials. This need arises also in the state enterprises of the country. Employees of the translation agency are carefully selected and customers can be assured of quality of the order. The bureau works with both physical and legal entities.

Advantages of cooperation with the office of a translation agency are:

• initial assistance in legal matters;
• a wide range of translation services;
• rendering services in design and printing;
• guaranteed quality and reasonable prices for translated texts;
• the speed of the work done and the delivery of materials in the time required by the customer;
• processing of documents outside working hours;
• regular expansion of the range of services provided;
• confidentiality and individual approach to each client.

If necessary, the customer can apply to the translation services to carry out specialized translation:

• legal documentation;
• medical certificates, extracts, epicrisis;
• materials from the field of finance, all kinds of commercial contracts, accounts, acts, accounting reports;
• technical documentation, all sorts of instructions, instructions for equipment and more.

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