Turkey — Neighbor of the World

Turkey is an exceptionally beautiful and diverse country. Thanks to its unique geographical location between Europe and Asia, it has combined traditions and customs of these continents. The Turkish shores are washed by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Aegean Sea. European and Asian parts are combined by the Bosporus Strait. Due to central location, the country is often called as the neighbor of the world and the center of the world trade.

The Turkish coast is one of the most popular recreation places among European tourists. This popularity is explained by amazing beaches of different kinds, highly developed tourist infrastructure with a great number of entertainments, and numerous hotels that are equally suitable both for family recreation and for active rest.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, Turkey is extremely popular among Russian tourists. To tell the truth, some resorts were designed specially for the Russians. This situation means that local citizens are ready to learn Russian in order to attract and serve even more tourists. At present, there are several possibilities to learn this language in Turkey. Thus, Russian is taught at seven Turkish universities, while all private language courses provide Russian tutors. Moreover, some Turkmen go into Russia to learn this language.

Nevertheless, the most convenient way to learn Russian in Turkey is to hire an online-tutor via the Internet. These specialists provide excellent services that are equally suitable not only for the servicemen, but also for all the Turkmen who want to learn Russian. For example, different young people from Turkey want to continue their education at a Russian university. Thus, they learn Russian by Skype in order to pass entrance examination. Finally, various Turkmen want to emigrate from Turkey into a Russian city. For them, Russian is an official language of their future homeland.

At the same time, Turkey can impress with a rather qualitative translation services that also depend upon the tourist infrastructure in the country. This infrastructure attracts not only tourists, but also representatives of foreign companies that want to set up business in this country or invest money into Turkey. These actions require professional translation and interpreting services from English into Russian in order to make legal deals and conclude different contracts. Also, these translation services are hired by local businessmen who either closely cooperate with Russian partners or even have own subsidiaries in the Russian Federation. To tell the truth, the English-Russian translation services in Turkey feature perfect quality and competitive prices.

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