Unofficial Capital of New England

Boston is the capital and the largest city of Massachusetts. Being situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Boston is one of the most ancient cities of the USA. It has the richest history and is, in fact, an unofficial capital of New England. Under the influence of the Ocean, the city has a humid moderate climate, which leads to hot summers and snowy winters.

About 100 colleges and universities is situated in Boston. Therefore, Boston is thought to be the largest center of higher education and scientific results. Such educational establishments as Boston College, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have received the world fame. Boston academic organizations are main employers in the region.

Also, Boston is an important financial, medical, and biotechnological center. Tourism occupies an essential role in the economy of the city. Boston makes the list of ten the most attended cities of the USA, with about 16 million people visiting the city annually.

The playbill of Boston is rather interesting because it contains events for representatives of different nationalities. One of the biggest groups is represented by events for Russian-speaking people. Russian celebrities like this city and regularly appear before the footlights. This situation is explained by the fact that there are a lot of people in Boston who speak Russian fluently. First of all, it refers to Russian emigrants. Secondly, Russian is spoken by servicemen of numerous hotels and luxurious restaurants. Finally, a great number of universities and colleges results in the fact that some students learn this language for educational purposes. Since the city does not have any specialized language courses, the only way to learn Russian is either to enter a university or to hire an online tutor. The latest variant is much better because it is cheaper, takes less time, and the quality of knowledge received is decent.

At the same time, Russian is also used in translation services. The fact is that there are a lot of translation firms specializing in rendering different materials from English into Russian. It is quite clear that the translation services are used in the most developed spheres of economy. That is why Boston translators deal with medical and financial materials. Due to many institutional establishments, language experts are to translate conference proceedings, scientific articles, and various pieces of research.

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