Unofficial World Capital of Gambling Games

Las Vegas is a city in the South-West of the USA and the largest one in Nevada. Las Vegas is a world-famous center of entertainments and an unofficial world capital of gambling games. Its local population numbers 603 000 people.

At present, Las Vegas is a desert oasis that is annually visited by 38 million of people. The city has 120 casinos, 1 700 official gambling establishments, 200 000 amusement machines, and 14 from 15 largest hotels in the United States of America. The gambling games and entertainments are still the most important sights and sources of income for the city.

A great majority of new and the most prestigious hotels and casinos are situated in a Southern part of the downtown, which is close to McCarran Airport. Even the smallest hotel has more than 2000 rooms, while MGM Grand alone offers more than 5 000 rooms. Every casino has thousands of amusement machines, hundreds of gambling tables, several restaurants and concert halls, as well as various shops and bars.

That is why it is quite clear that the city attracts migrants from all over the world. At the same time, these immigrants bring their cultures and languages into the city. As a result, Las Vegas must have advanced translation services to satisfy the needs of foreign people. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of professional firms that are ready to translate different materials from English into Russian. According to peculiarities of Las Vegas economy, the translation services are aimed at a gambling industry. That is why translators are employed in big casinos to allow foreigners gambling. Translation services are also hired by immigrants who need translate their personal documents in order to live in Las Vegas permanently.

As citizens of many other American cities, people from Las Vegas learn Russian. Some of them try to attend special language courses, which is very difficult under the conditions of such a large city, while others hire online tutors, services of whose are very convenient and cheap. Though it is a surprise, a lot of people learn Russian in Las Vegas. First of all, it is learnt by former Russian citizens who live in the city at present. Then, servicemen of large hotels and restaurants also learn the language in order to serve rich visitors from Russian-speaking countries.

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