Urgent Translation Services in the Tourist City of Barcelona

Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia and the province of the same name, the port city on the Mediterranean. This is the busiest, most «European» city of Spain, inhabitants of which enjoy the glory of art lovers, especially music. In addition, it’s the most commercial and industrial city in the country.

Barcelona is one of the European style centers along with Paris and Milan. In the squares and streets of Barcelona you can find a great variety of boutiques, modest benches and unceremonious markets. In January 10 in Barcelona there is a real buying boom, because at Christmas sales prices are falling rapidly. A similar situation is observed after July 5, when the time of summer discounts comes.

The nightlife of Barcelona is rich and diverse not only thanks to the many entertainment facilities, but also due to the huge number of foreigners — students and tourists, taking part in it. In the Gothic Quarter there are a lot of different clubs, bars and cafes. Their signs glow with neon lights and attract relaxed tourists in the network of Spanish service.

But be vigilant: not all clubs that have beautiful front doors are as beautiful inside. Sometimes you will have to be disappointed, and sometimes you will be afraid for the contents of your wallet. In the center of Barcelona, there are many pickpockets, and nightclubs are their main refuge.

The most developed industries in Barcelona, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• metalworking — translation of instructions, manuals for the operation of instruments and equipment or descriptions of technologies for bending, cutting, welding and metalworking;
• automotive industry — technical translation of instructions for servicing cars, directories and catalogs of spare parts for cars, as well as translations of regulations for diagnostics and maintenance, certificates for technical centers and contracts for car dealers;
• tourism — translation of web-sites, menu, brochures;
• seaport — translation of transport insurance, international transportation — Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists;
• plant growing, livestock feed production — translations of studies, projects, scientific articles in these industries, translations of documentation for agricultural technology.

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