Vietnam — Country of Mountains and Rainforests

Vietnam is a country in South-Eastern Asia located in an Eastern part of the Indo-Chinese Peninsula. The country borders China, Laos, Cambodia and it is washed by the South China Sea. Apart from mainland, the Vietnamese territory consists of a set of small islands. Vietnam has a unique territory that looks like a long line along the sea. From the North to the South, there is almost the only railway in the country. It divides the country into two parts – the sea and clean beaches from one side and rainforests, ancient pagodas as well as modern cities from the other one.

Tourists in Vietnam are primarily attracted by the nature. The country is full of colors and amazing plants. Everything blooms all year round. A greater part of Vietnam is covered with mountains and rainforests. The country has a lot of historical sights, monuments, and comfortable hotels. Vietnamese climate contributes to amazing conditions for beach recreation throughout the year. Vietnamese is the official language in the country. However, such European language as English, French, and Russian can also be found there.

Though it may sound surprising, numerous people in Vietnam speak and learn Russian. First of all, it can be explained by the fact that Vietnam and Russia try to maintain close cultural and economic relations. That is why the Russian Federation organizes different summits and conferences to distribute the Russian language and culture among the local citizens. To tell the truth, these events are successful, because more and more people learn Russian.

Though the conferences organize special language courses, the Vietnamese citizens learn the Russian language with the help of online-tutors, which is very convenient for older people who do not have enough time in order to attend regular lessons. Therefore, they appreciate the fact that they can arrange with the tutors about the time of their lessons. In addition, Russian is learnt by people who must go away on business in a Russian city and by diplomats who keep contacts with Russian partners.

Considering the fact that Vietnam has several working languages, it is quite clear that there are developed translation services. They are represented by English-Russian translation firms employing highly educated and experienced professionals who can perform the best translation of different materials. First of all, the translators deal with materials from the conferences and summits mentioned above. In fact, they are educational documents and general information. Secondly, the translators render economic and legal materials arising from the cooperation between Vietnam and Russia. Finally, Russian emigrants hire the English-Russian language specialists to translate personal documents.

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