Virginia Beach — City with the Largest Naval Base

Virginia Beach is a city on the Eastern coast of the USA and the largest city of the state of Virginia. The city features a subtropical climate that is soft and comfortable. Natural disasters are very rare because of a particular geographical location. All four year seasons are distinct.

At present, Virginia Beach is a family resort city offering a classic beach holiday. Apart from the beaches that stretch for more than 60 kilometers, Virginia Beach has a great variety of entertainments ranging from fishing and surfing to amusement parks and casinos. A city economy is represented by agriculture, business, industry, trade, and tourism. That is why it is extremely popular among tourists. According to the statistical information, the city is annually attended by 10 million people.

A military sector is very important for the city. Virginia Beach has 11 military facilities including the world largest Naval Base hosting the US Atlantic Fleet. Moreover, seven defense companies function in the city. Thus, it is quite clear that the military sector is one of the main employers for Virginia Beach.

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