Vladivostok is a city near the Chinese border

Vladivostok is the largest Russian port city in the Far East, located on the Murav’ev-Amur peninsula, on the coast of the Sea of Japan.

In Soviet times, Vladivostok was a closed city, since here was the base of the Soviet navy. Now Vladivostok is a prosperous fast-growing city. In 2010, it was awarded the title of «City of Military Glory».

Vladivostok is a large Russian city, which is located next to China, so it combines the cultures of two countries in an amazing way. This city is one of the largest industrial centers of Russia, and its port cooperates every year with hundreds ports of other states. Vladivostok even appeared in the rating of Forbes magazine, where it took the thirtieth place among the cities of Russia, which are best suited for business.

Therefore, in Vladivostok, important business meetings take place almost every day. Of course, those businessmen from Vladivostok actively cooperate with businessmen from other countries. Given that many meetings occur in English, without an interpreter from English they can’t do.

Why Vladivostok can’t do without the services of English translation?

In Vladivostok, many people have their own business. Quite often you have to communicate with foreign partners or investors. The best way to win their trust is to hire an English interpreter. It will be an excellent step for building strong business relationships. Also, during negotiations, you may need to translate from English to Russian. This applies to cases where it will be necessary to draw up any contracts.

But companies also can’t do without technical English. Sometimes there is documentation that can’t be understood without a translation company. Due to the fact that Vladivostok companies often work directly with foreign businessmen, there may be misunderstandings. To get rid of it, you need to hire a specialist who will translate technical documentation and manuals from English to Russian.

Most often an interpreter from English is needed for:

• holding meetings with foreign partners;
• simultaneous interpretation during conferences and negotiations;
• translation of works of art from Russian to English;
• legal translation from English.

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