Wales and Translation Services

Wales is one of four administrative-political parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This independent state was created from separate Celtic tribes. Wales is situated on the peninsula in the western part of Great Britain. It borders England and is washed by the sea from three sides. The Welsh shores see different islands, with Anglesey being the largest one among them. Population and main industries are centered mainly in southern parts of Wales, in such cities as Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. Central and north-western regions are agricultural territories.

The Welsh climate is not the same throughout the country. While eastern parts enjoy perfect weather, north and western ones can suffer from serious disasters. But in general, the Welsh climate is moderate marine but with changeable, cloudy, windy and wet weather. So, this fact must be considered when one is going to visit the country.

Wales is rather popular among those tourists preferring mountain scenes because the state has a lot of mountains almost in every its part. The only exception is the East of Wales where high peaks are substituted by medium hills and vast lowlands.

National languages of Wales are Welsh, English, and its regional dialects. Taking it into account, it is clear that one can find translation services in the country. Welsh translation firms are ready to deal with different kinds of source materials. Fortunately for clients, these firms employ only highly educated professionals with excellent language skills. The English-Russian language pair is one of the most popular in Wales because there are a lot of businessmen from Russia there despite the global situation concerning the anti-Russian sanctions.

In their turn, some Welsh citizens learn Russian. But how do they do it considering that these two countries do not have close economic relations? Taking into account the fact that the number of such prospective students is rather small, it is unprofitable to give Russian lessons there. The other thing is online tutors. These specialists can give their lessons being even in other country. It can be possible due to Skype that allows people communicating by large distances. In general, these online services are useful for those people who plan to move into Russia, to continue their education or to take a trip there.

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