What Russian Tourists can find in Glasgow?

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the UK (after London and Birmingham). Glasgow is located in the west of the central part of Scotland, on the Clyde River, 32 km from its mouth.

The Cathedral of Glasgow is the only cathedral that survived during the Reformation in Scotland. This is a rare example of an almost completely preserved church of the 13th century. The cathedral has two levels, as it stands on a slope. In the crypt there is the tomb of St. Mungo — the patron saint of the city, surrounded by forest of columns, which at the top end with ribbed vaults with graceful carvings, and the ceiling is decorated with carved ornaments.

The house of Lord Provence, the oldest house in Glasgow, was built 500 years ago by Lord Provand, a clerk of the cathedral. The house is proud of its history and still gladly welcomes visitors.

Two dozen bridges of different types (hanging, cable, arched, etc.) are attached to the city’s appearance by crossing the river, which divides Glasgow into two parts. Among them there are both pedestrian, and automobile and railway.

In 1990, Glasgow was recognized as the «City of European Culture». Today’s Glasgow looks not only in the past, but also in the future: there is not only a genuine explosion of interest in art and architecture, but also the rapid development of the entertainment industry. Glasgow is also famous for its large shopping centers and, accordingly, the best shopping in Scotland.

The most developed industries in Glasgow, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• the basis of the economy — the service sector — translation of trainings for team work, training of personnel for sales techniques;
• energy — documentation for construction and operation of power stations, documentation on equipment/controlling and measuring apparatus and automatics;
• engineering — translation of guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• banking services, financial transactions — bank documentation and nonbank documentation relating to insurance, stock exchange, investments, securities etc .;
• medical — translation of medical reports, medicines certificates, translation of documentation of medical equipment.

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