When Citizens and Tourists in Rotterdam Require Professional Translations?

Rotterdam is a Dutch city, having both river and sea ports. And the latter is the leader among European ports and on a world scale second only to the Shanghai rival. Rotterdam fully justifies its motto «Strengthen in the struggle», approved by citizens for centuries.

The many-sidedness of Rotterdam created its reputation of an art club, a city of exquisite shops, a nightlife center and a cozy bohemian haven. Rotterdam is Holland itself, irresistibly upward. After all, its main essence is an unstoppably updated architecture. The city landscape is remarkable for its inconstancy. Growing skyscrapers conceal an enormous amount of activities for a soul, provided to the population and tourist contingent.

Among the architectural attractions of Rotterdam — the 185-meter Euromast tower, equipped with a restaurant, an observation deck and rotating panoramic cabin. Even more original are Cubic houses that are difficult to describe. The most appropriate definition is the «impossible triangle», which is easier to see without being tormented by reading intricate comments.

The most developed industries in Rotterdam, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• the largest port industry in Europe and the most important transport hub — translation of transport insurance, international transportation — Custom Cargo Declarations, waybills, packing lists;
• the largest complex of petroleum refining and petrochemical enterprises in Europe — translation of instructions and manuals for operation of geological prospecting and petroleum refining equipment;
• shipbuilding, ship repair — technical translations of instructions for small vessels, boats, descriptions of yachts and marinas, instructions for special equipment used in shipyards (various lifts, floating and stationary piers, supplies for repairing yachts and boats);
• light industry — translation of booklets about textiles, catalogs of clothing stores, articles about fashion designers, presentations of new fabrics and materials used in the manufacture of clothing or machines for the garment industry;
• financial services (oil and other exchanges, banking services) — bank documentation and nonbank documentation relating to insurance, stock exchange, investments, securities etc.

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