When do you need translation in Rostov-on-Don?

Rostov-on-Don is a city in the south of Russia, located on the banks of the Don River. The distance from the city to Moscow is 1094 km. Rostov-on-Don is the administrative center of the Rostov region, and since May 13, 2000 — the administrative center of the Southern Federal District.

Today Rostov-on-Don is the largest administrative, industrial, cultural, scientific and educational center of the country, an important transport hub in the south of Russia. On May 5, 2008 the city was awarded the honorary title of the Russian Federation «City of Military Glory».

Close cooperation with other countries — sellers, large companies, medical institutions, etc. — requires knowledge of the language. Foreign companies often consider the largest city in the south of Russia — Rostov-on-Don as a future partner. In Rostov at the moment there is a sufficient number of foreign organizations (enterprises, trading companies, etc.) and they are all satisfied with cooperation. And every year their number grows. That’s why the services of a translator are always in great demand.

Also in Rostov-on-Don various exhibitions, master classes and other mass events with participants from other countries are often held — so a good interpreter is indispensable. If you are a buyer, you need to keep in touch with a seller, especially when buying an expensive product, or a larger batch of smaller items. To resolve this issue, a translation agency provides you with either regular translation (Internet correspondence) or Skype translation (and/or telephone).

If you have scheduled negotiations with colleagues from foreign countries, then for you there is an interpreting service. An interpreter will accompany you at negotiations, go out to any business meetings and be present directly at signing of the papers.

If you participate in legal proceedings in the country, then you can use the services of an interpreter who will attend each court session.

You can also take advantage of the important service and take a Russian language course on Skype. Training on modern techniques under the guidance of talented professionals will help you achieve the desired result in language learning.

Among the advantages of online learning:

• you will speak from the first lesson!
• convenient class schedule;
• 80% of the time of speaking practice!
• quality control.

Such a method differs a little from classical individual studies. In the process of learning, students use educational materials from the Internet or classic paper textbooks of relevant publishing houses, carefully selected by teachers to their level. Learning by Skype is the most comfortable and effective way to learn how to speak the language freely.

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