Who Needs Translations in Ulyanovsk?

Ulyanovsk is the administrative center of the Ulyanovsk Region, located on the Volga Upland on the shore of the Kuibyshev Reservoir and the Sviyaga River.

In Soviet times, Ulyanovsk had an important defensive role for the country, since there was a large aircraft factory and a number of military plants. The city did not become closed, but foreign guests were closely watched here so that they would not deviate from the tourist routes.

To this day, Ulyanovsk is an important industrial city of Russia. Therefore, its residents and workers often need technical translations for factories and other industrial enterprises. Even a well-trained professional translator who has only a basic linguistic education can «swim» in technical and scientific terminology. And technical translation implies a logical style with precise wording of specific terms.

When working, the translation agency uses the services of its own and attracted translators specializing in technical translations. A rough translation is made by a specialist who is well versed in this field of production. Further editing makes the translator a linguist. At work the last achievements in the field of acceleration and increase of efficiency of technical translation are also used.

This allows you to make a quality text, in terms of linguistics and specialization. And, in addition, significantly shortens the terms of the technical translation.

In Ulyanovsk, technical translation of the following topics is popular:

• technical translation in engineering;
• translation of technical documentation for metallurgical equipment;
• translation of technical documentation for construction equipment and machinery;
• translation of technical documentation for digital technology.

When applying to our technical translation bureau, complete confidentiality is guaranteed at all stages of cooperation, from preliminary negotiations to the moment of transfer of finished materials. These guarantees are provided by the confidentiality agreement with all parties: employees of the translation agency and representatives of the customer. Terms of confidentiality refer to any information relating to the activities of the customer.

In agreement with the customer, in a separate database of the translation bureau, glossary terminology dictionaries can be stored, which are subsequently used to work with the materials of this customer.

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Andrew Smith, England

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Megan Wood, USA

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