Why Do Stavropol Citizens Need Translation of Documentation?

The services of a translator from English to Russian in Stavropol are quite demanded. The reasons for this are the great importance of Stavropol as a cultural, commercial and industrial center, which, by the way, has international significance. Several industrial organizations that conduct international economic activities in Stavropol — such as “Energomer Concern” and “Monocrystal” — are regular customers of a translation bureau. Mainly, this is due to the fact that specialists can simultaneously implement both the Russian-English translation and translation from English to Russian. The Russian-English translation largely determines the image of a client’s company, and our specialists understand this perfectly.

What types of translations do the employees of a translation bureau perform?

The employees of a translation agency can perform the translation from English to Russian (or from Russian to English) in a variety of options, depending on the needs of a client.

1. The written translation from English is necessary to translate a document (perform notarized translation) or an ordinary text that doesn’t have a certain legal effect (in the latter case, as a rule, it’s a question of the so-called technical English language, describing, as a rule, some products or goods). It should be noted that a translation agency from English to Russian owns all the necessary permits, allowing confirming (notarially) the legitimacy of translated documents.

2. Interpretation — in this case, of course, an interpreter will have to participate directly in communication of people who, due to the language barrier, can’t understand each other. There are two main types of this translation — consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation. Certainly, the second option is much more complicated, it’s applicable only to very high level (state) receptions. Translators have both methods and are ready to assume responsibility for successful passage of negotiations in a linguistic plan.

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