Why do You Need a Professional English Translator in Krasnoyarsk?

Krasnoyarsk is the largest city in Eastern Siberia, the administrative center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The city is located on the two banks of the Yenisei River, in the basin formed by the spurs of the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

Krasnoyarsk develops as an industrial, cultural and educational center throughout Eastern Siberia. Being an important industrial center, it accommodates many important industries: the production of equipment and devices, the manufacture of textiles and the supply of food. In addition, recently the city is actively developing the tourist direction. Therefore, for a safe stay of foreigners in Krasnoyarsk on business or personal matters you need a professional English translator. The translation bureau, which successfully operates in this city, has qualified personnel — native speakers.

In addition to rest and entertainment, a lot of people go to Krasnoyarsk for business. For business relations between people, translations of contracts concluded between you and your foreign partner are characteristic. Establishing relations at a similar level will require knowledge of the language at a high level; only professionals are allowed to work. The admission of translator miscalculations may threaten you with material losses and even litigation.

The complexity of such activities lies in the absence of terminology or in the absence of suitable lexical equivalents. Language constructs in this area are characteristic only of the source language, and as we have already said there are no equivalents in the translated language. The main task of English translation services is to search for structures in the translated language, with the presence of functions, which in turn will be similar to the functions of the constructions of the desired language.

Concerning the specifics of the translation, there are also certain branches. These include:

• technical English;
• consecutive translation;
• simultaneous translation;
• interpretation;
• notarized translation;
• written translation.

Each type has its own characteristics. So, for example, technical translation requires additional preparation. The peculiarity consists in abundant use of professional technical terms, correct interpretation of which is possible only with certain professional skills. The translation company provides a large staff of translators, among whom there are specialists in any field.

Importance of foreign languages proficiency in the modern world is not in anyone’s doubt. However, it’s difficult for businessmen who are often away on business trips to attend regular classes in special schools. For this, the translation agency provides special programs for distance learning the Russian language via Skype. This allows you to conduct classes regardless of the time and distance separating the teacher and student.

Jacob Haase, Germany

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