Why Translation Agencies in Bucharest are so Required?

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is located in the southeast of the country on the Dymbowice River. The main river, the Danube, flows 45 km to the south of the city. In the country’s largest city, there are about two million people – 9% of the population. The main airport is located in the northern suburbs of the capital — Otopeni. There is a smaller airport, 5 km from the city — for charter flights and low-costers.

The most attractive place for tourists is the historical part of the city. There is the Palace of Parliament, occupying second place in the world hit parade of giant buildings after the Pentagon. Now it’s used for large-scale international forums, yet it houses the Art Museum of Romania.

Almost the whole year in Bucharest, there are national holidays — bright, solemn and cheerful. The city is a bizarre conglomerate of ethnic groups, each of which has weaved its threads into the pattern of the country’s general culture. And national holidays are one of the manifestations of such diversity. March begins with the Holiday of the coming of spring — one of the oldest, connected with many signs and customs. The next holiday, April 8 — Roma Day, the most musical, where gypsy orchestras and dance ensembles perform.

One of the symbols of Romania is the grapes from which famous wines are made. The vintage festival, September 13, has been considered the most important celebration since ancient times. And elite Romanian wines are what all tourists bring from the country as memorable gifts.

The most developed industries in Bucharest, where translation services from English to Russian may be required, are:

• metallurgical — translation of project documentation, drawings, technical and designed-estimated documentation, service manuals;
• typographical — translations of journalistic texts for various magazines, newspapers, websites and media that specialize in both general and specific topics;
• textile — translation of products, printed materials, which conducive to advancement of products and equipment;
• chemical — translation of patents, background documents of product safety, toxicology reports, exception reports and related documentation, which defines the chemical composition and characteristics of substances;
• food (wine making) — translation of restaurant menus, research about the process of food production;
• furniture — translation for construction companies that produce wooden architectural and building structures, wood materials, translations of catalogs of interior elements and various instructions for improvement of space in the premises.

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