World Glory of Leeds and Russian people within it

Leeds is situated on the river Eyre in Yorkshire County and is the fifth largest city in Great Britain. About 400 000 people live in this city. More often, name “Leeds” is used not only to denote the city, but also to identify the entire region around the historical center of the city. At the same time, Leeds features with a raw of such developed economic spheres as cotton, wool, food, publishing and engineering industries.

After the end of World War II, Leeds witnessed decline in industrial spheres that had glorified the city during previous centuries. At present, the city has become the second (after London) major center of legal and financial spheres. Leeds can catch hold of the highest skyscraper outside the capital of the UK. It is the post-industrial economy that results in a great glory of the city among tourists from the whole world.

Apart from tourists, the city is famous among emigrants from the rest of the world. People of Russian origin form a great part of such emigrants in Leeds. To improve the quality of their life and to create better conditions, Russian people have organized common organizations that include numerous foreign inhabitants. To these purposes, such people have established special websites and forums to find each other and to provide assistance under conditions of the foreign culture.

It results in the fact that such people of Russian origin must learn the Russian language for them not to forget their native culture. It can be done through services of remote tutors who can be found in the Internet. These language specialists offer services of the highest quality for people from any country of the world to easily learn Russian. These specialists are equally useful both for pupils or students who learn Russian for educational purposes and for older people who do it for business.

Everything mentioned above results in the fact that the city has a great number of translation firms that specialize in rendering financial, economic and legal materials, as well as private documents from English into Russian. These firms employ only highly professional specialists, which is a guarantee for clients that their materials will be translated without any mistakes and misprints. The main advantages of these firms are competitive prices and short execution time for every order.

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