A Police Clearance Certificate Translated by a Qualified Translator

A police clearance certificate (clean statement of criminal records) is an official document, confirming the fact that an individual was ever prosecuted and at the moment isn’t wanted throughout the national territory. Individuals above a certain age can obtain such certificate; and not only the citizens of a particular country, but also citizens of other countries, who are currently on its territory.

A police clearance certificate is necessary in the following cases:

• to process an international passport;
• to obtain citizenship;
• to get a license to acquire and possess any kind of weapons;
• to get a residence permit;
• apply for a visa in the embassy;
• to give it to the bank;
• for participating in the tender;
• to issue or restore passport documents;
• to get a license for working with narcotic and psychotropic substances;
• for permission to work with explosive substances;
• to submit it to public authorities.

To obtain a police clearance certificate it’s necessary to fill out an application (completed application form) and provide an internal passport – for the citizens. For the citizens of other countries – a copy of a valid passport with translation.

Translation of a police clearance certificate has its own specificities, which should be taken into account. When translating different types of certificates, conformity of translation with the original, correct translation of the name or company name is essential parts of translator’s work. It is important to provide translation of the name with your order since correction of translation, for example with notarization, may take quite a long time. Full name is translated according to the regulations on the transliteration of different countries; the regulations are often changed and, unfortunately, Russian translators of translation services can’t promise that the translated version of the name is the same as the earlier translated versions.

In different countries, a police clearance certificate is valid for a certain time, so if you apply to foreign institutions, it’s necessary to clarify what the validity period of a certificate is in a particular country.

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