Adoption and Custody Documentation Translation

International, or as it’s also called «foreign» adoption is a kind of family-based care of orphans. With it a child who is a citizen of one country is adopted by another citizen. It should be noted that such programs are working all over the world.

Notarized translation of documents: the main feature

Our legislation also provides the possibility of adoption a child of Russian citizenship by foreigners. In general, international adoption, as a procedure, isn’t very different from the usual kind.

But, of course, it has several features. Naturally, the main difference between international and Russian adoption is the need for notarized translation of the documents of foreign parents.

Notarized translation of documents: request for information

Citizens of another country who want to adopt a child from Russia must first turn to a federal or local operator of a data bank on orphans and provide them with such documents:

• an identity card. Here notarized translation of documents will be necessary. The price of a passport, by the way, is quite acceptable. The main condition for adoption is the filing of papers that are recognized in Russia;

• a statement indicating that a foreigner wishes to adopt a child, as well as their request to provide necessary information regarding all children who have remained without parental care and who are suitable for their requirements;

• further the questionnaire of a candidate for adoptive parents is submitted;

• an obligation to register a child in the consulate of the Russian Federation;

• an obligation to provide opportunities for examination (legally, of course) of the conditions of education and life of a child. Moreover, it’s necessary to provide notarized translation of documents confirming the suitability of the candidate’s opportunities and living conditions for adoption;

• obligations of a competent authority, located in a country of residence of a foreigner, on monitoring the living conditions of a child.

From all of this, notarized translation of documents must be made. A price for it can be quite high, but in fact a person wants to adopt a child, there is no pity for any money.

It’s worth noting that in some cases, just notary translation of documents won’t be enough. It’s necessary to additionally legalize them in the consulate.

In the case where adoption of a child occurs with the assistance of an organization authorized by a foreign state, the documents of a candidate for adoption are provided not by the applicants themselves, but by that organization.

And then the procedure will be conducted in the same way as in the usual situation.

Notarized translation of documents: personal meeting

An approved applicant to adoptive parents gets a chance to get acquainted with all the candidacies of children who are present in the database. A little later, after a preliminary choice, a future parent will have the opportunity to visit a baby personally.
After such a visit, a foreign adoptive parent must necessarily inform a data bank operator about the results and decisions that appeared after a personal meeting with a child.

Establishment of adoption itself is carried out in a judicial manner in full accordance with the legislation of our country.

When adopting a child by a foreign citizen, it’s necessary to submit such documents to the court:

• an application for adoption (there is a special form);
• a photocopy of a birth certificate of an adopter (for unmarried people) or a photocopy of a marriage certificate;
• a document on the income earned;
• the consent of a spouse, if there is any, of course.

Here, as at the very beginning of the adoption procedure, it’s necessary to perform notarized translation of documents, and a price shouldn’t be of much interest.

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