Advantages of Multilingual Websites

Today, the vast majority of people use the Internet as their primary means of exploring the regions they plan to visit, the sights that they plan to see, and the hotels they plan to stay in. Internet is also the main tool for making purchasing decisions, and most of those (including room reservations) are also carried out today online. That’s why for different companies it’s critically important that web-site pages are both concise and attractive, and it’s also important to provide potential guests with all the information they need.

However, the mere fact of having a technically perfect web-site with an amazing design and mass of useful information isn’t enough. The point is that the content should be understandable to all potential guests. Perhaps this seems trivial, but many people overlook this fact when filling out the pages with information for foreign guests who are likely not to speak a language of your country with a high degree of probability. Taking into account the fact that international trade and tourism are very developed these days, some entrepreneurs miss a huge number of potential visitors only because the latter can’t read the information on their websites.

So why is it so important to have a web-site in several languages? Let’s take an example of a hotel web-site.

Translation of the content is one of the options of SEO-OPTIMIZATION

If you’re not in the top of the search results, this is a huge omission. This is especially true of the most competitive types of business, and the hotel industry today.

Hotels that know about all the advantages of representation in the network, always translate their web-sites to several languages. The logic here is extremely simple: the more languages of localization, the more people from different countries of the world can get to a web-site when entering the main search queries in their native language.

Entering new markets

Of course, SEO-efficiency isn’t the only purpose of web-site translation. The most important aspect is still the possibility of entering new markets and increasing profits through quantitative expansion of a client base. Since today it’s easy, convenient and relatively affordable to travel abroad; not working purposefully with potential foreign guests will be a big omission. Believe, they will happily come to you and spend money, but for this they need at least to find your hotel’s website in order to consider it among the accommodation options. And translation of the main pages of a web-site will allow them to do it.

Satisfaction of the needs of modern advanced clients

Many modern people don’t just need to read reviews about a hotel on or similar resources and book a room there. Since the range of offers today is simply huge, they want to make sure that they’ve chosen an ideal option, and this implies the search for additional information directly on the hotels’ websites.

But many of these travelers don’t know a language of a country of destination, so they’re more likely to choose among those hotels that will provide all the necessary information in a language they understand.

Successful survival in the «dead» season

Almost all hotels in the world, with exception of a few particularly well-located, are experiencing serious problems with filling in off-season. For someone it’s winter, for others — summer or time right after the holiday period, but for all it means the same thing — the drop in incomes.

Foreign guests, as a rule, are much less dependent on seasonality compared to the domestic consumer. If they decided to visit another country and plunge into its culture, they’re ready to do it at any time of the year. Moreover, they often deliberately choose off-season, as prices in such periods are lower, and this allows decently saving. Attraction of foreign guests is a serious opportunity for a hotel, but for this the content of its website should be understandable to representatives of other countries.

It’s necessary, however, to emphasize one point: in no case do not rely on machine translation. Yes, in some cases it helps to understand the general meaning of a text, but it’s clearly not enough to fully convince sophisticated potential guests to make a choice in your favor. It’s better to use the services of professional translators. Otherwise, reputation can be caused irreparable damage.

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