Advertising Translation

The 21st century witnesses the fact that advertising has become a separate product offered together with machines, computers, and telephones, rather than a tool to develop business. There has been created a separate field with a set of advertising peculiarities: theoretical moments, investigations, research, and reference books. A marketing sphere has created a large group of new international terms.

It is important to understand that marketing companies can not be effective without a literate language base. It is referred to adaptation of a foreign product to language and cultural environment of a target country. The fact is that every product must be adequately presented to prospective clients, before it enters the target market. This presentation must not only be clear for clients, but also evoke interest among them. It is impossible to be made without a professional assistance of translators, since the translation of marketing texts, slogans and titles is the task of the highest complexity and responsibility.

It is generally accepted that an idiomatic translation of marketing materials from English into Russian is a half the battle of any advertising campaign. Very often, translators are forced to face very sensitive linguistic difficulties, especially when translators deal with factual, objective, situational, historical, social or mental peculiarities of a cultural environment. Apart from medical, legal and technical translation, word-for-word translation here is not very important, it can be even dangerous.

Translating advertising and marketing materials, translators perform different and important goals. Their main task, however, is to analyze source materials, define an essential idea, and find the most suitable means in the target language in order to produce the same effect upon target audience as that made by source materials.

Document execution is another important moment. Even the smallest marketing text without any idiomatic or metaphoric constructions can have different meaning and appearance in the target language. All these peculiarities lead to the fact that marketing translation is one of the most difficult and expensive kinds of translation.

Specialists of our translation firm have an excellent experience in translation of marketing materials and their adaptation to the target culture. We cooperate with different prestigious advertising companies, which show our good reputation and a high quality of services provided by our translators.

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